Welcome to Nautical Designs! Where, through innovation, we strive to make boating easier and more enjoyable. Nautical Designs was established by Tim Kramer who, after years of designing commercial packaging and point of purchase displays, made the decision to combine his love of boats and designing and start offering unique and innovative parts and systems for the boating industry.

We welcome you to take a minute and stop to learn about Nautical Designs. We hope our website will provide you detailed information about our latest products, as well as serves as an informational source for other boating news and events including pleasure boating and offshore racing.

Nautical Designs is the exclusive manufacturer of the boat covering system called Nautical Guard®! Click here to learn more about Nautical Guard® and how it could possibly make every boater's dream come true.

"Design is a dynamic expression of human skill and craftsmanship!
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." (Albert Einstein)

Thank you for your interest in Nautical Designs. As you look at the web site we hope you will gain a greater understanding of our love for the marine industry as a whole and how we intend to make changes for the better threw unique designs and always keeping the environment in mind.

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